Brain Cell Biology – Optogenetics Probes Issue

7 11 2008

Most of the articles for the Optogenetics Probes Issue of Brain Cell Biology, edited by Ryohei Yasuda and George Augustine are out now. This journal used to be called the Journal of Neurocytology, but they have rebranded it.  Having a full issue devoted to the hot topic of optogenetic probes will doubtlessly raise the impact factor.


G-CaMP2 characteristics

G-CaMP2 characteristics



The issue include two papers on engineered Halorhodopsins with improved expression from Deisseroth and Feng. Also, there are reviews of genetically-encoded calcium, chloride, cyclic nucleotide and voltage sensors. There are a few papers reporting new findings with applications of these probes.

My own contribution is part-review, part fresh data, part modeling of genetically-encoded calcium indicators.  We examine the properties of these indicators, what things to consider when selecting them and where improvements will likely be made. If you are currently using a GECI or are planning to in the future, its probably worth a read.  Feedback welcome!



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