Fluorescent Proteins in Scholarpedia

12 12 2008

I just discovered that the scholarpedia article on fluorescent proteins was published back in July.  This article is an excellent review of all fluorescent proteins that contains both classic and very current references.  I recommend it as the first place to go to learn about fluorescent proteins in detail. It makes my contributions to the GFP page of wikipedia look quite primitive.

The author, Rob Campbell, is relatively famous in the field of fluorescent proteins for his monomerization of dsRed, the brilliant red fluorescent protein from coral. Many of the fluorescent proteins in Brain Windows title bar were derived from mutations of this monomeric red fluorescent protein. Less well known is that he taught me how change restriction sites on plasmid DNA via overlap extension PCR during my first year of grad school. Great work Rob!

Red Discosoma Coral

Red Discosoma Coral



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