Method of the year to Super-resolution microscopy

17 12 2008

Super-resolution microscopy has seen a flurry of advances since 2006 and has won Nature Methods award for Method of the Year. Super-resolution imaging was the subject of one of the first posts on Brain Windows, with four additional articles detailing more recent progress. Nature Methods has a special feature covering this and other recent breakthroughs. This includes a nice video feature where you can hear a basic introduction to the technology from inventors of the competing techniques. How did they miss putting the obvious “super” selection joke when asked to select the video resolution??

Unfortunately, Eric Betzig, who gives one of the most entertaining talks in science, isn’t interviewed in the video. Also included in the special feature is a bunch of runner-up methods, including high-throughput imagingplane illumination in thick tissues, and optogenetic neuronal control. When will “optogenetics” make it into the OED?

Xiaowei Zhuang's laser rig for STORM imaging

Xiaowei Zhuang's laser rig for STORM imaging



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