Deisseroth is on fire

29 04 2009

Is there any biology lab hotter that Karl Deisseroth’s right now?  In the last TWO WEEKS he’s authored

3 Nature papers

2 Science papers

and a PLOS One for icing.


He’s the Xander Cage of neuroscience, having just triggered an avalanche, he manages to move quickly enough to stay ahead as his pursuers get mowed down by the rapidly accelerating barrage of papers.  Over the next year, we are going to see hundreds of ChR2 papers coming out, making it really hard to stand out from the crowd.



3 responses

6 05 2009

Yes, it is a little greedy isn’t it?
I am happy that he is living up to the “hype”, as some (most?) who have a lot of money thrown their way, do not.
But seriously now, Andrew, do you think there will be hundreds of ChR2 papers in the next year? I cannot think there will be hundreds of in vivo papers published that quickly.

7 05 2009

Hmmm… maybe not hundreds, but from attending conferences here a Janelia is seems like EVERYONE has got a ChR2 story that is nearing completion.

16 09 2009
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