Update : Expert Research Blog of the Year!

23 03 2010

Research Blogging Awards 2010 Winner!

Brain Windows just won the expert-level category for the researchblogging.com 2010 awards! Thank you for voting. I will try to keep the posting frequency and quality up. And I finally figured out how the citation thing works with researchblogging.org so all my new posts will be included on their aggregator and I’ll try to import the relevant older ones as well.

I also want to get back to posting some raw science data that will probably never make it into a publication. BrainWindows, the future journal of calibration curves and negative results 🙂

Now back to lab meeting prep…



7 responses

23 03 2010

Congratulations, I counted on you!

23 03 2010

Thank you Gianpaolo! Great find on the V3D software post…

23 03 2010

Congratulations, great job!

23 03 2010
Alfredo Roldan

Rightfully so!!! Congrat’s, I love this blog!

23 03 2010

Congrats man!
Well deserved.

26 03 2010

your weblog is always fun and informative, keep up the good work.

25 04 2010
Jason Coleman

Belated and well-deserved congratulations. Brain Windows is an extremely informative blog and keeps me on the cutting edge. Thanks for your gigantic efforts!

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