Free Will – Choose Your Own Adventure

4 03 2010

Another take on Free Will from Luke Surl comics…

Philosophy : The Science of Free Will

24 03 2009

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to deliver a Message to a Unitarian Universalist congregation in my hometown.  The topic?  The Science of Free Will : What science does and does not tell us about our ability to choose. It was quite a challenge translating some recent scientific results into layperson terms, while tying the results to more philosophical issues.  I think the sermon went well though.  The churchgoers are almost dogmatically anti-dogma and openminded, with many questions that were dificult to answer. It was a great experience to get outside the bubble of science. Below are my prepared remarks, led off by two readings from Hippocrates and David Foster Wallace. An audio link will be up in a few days. The full version of the David Foster Wallace reading is available here, and is well worth the 10 minute reading time.

The Science of Free Will – Andrew Hires