Books : Geodesic Math and How to Use It

26 11 2008

Did you know that a geodesic sphere is so light that if one were constructed with a half-mile diameter, raising the temperature inside by a single degree cause it to float away like a soap bubble? It’s a stretch to say this post is brain imaging related… But perhaps there is something useful in learning about maximally efficient constructible structures.

Geodesic Math...

Spent a few weeks this fall building a geodesic dome.  5/8 height, 3 frequency dome.  24′ radius, 15′ height. Took about 20 long hours to fabricate (thank you Janelia Remote Machine Shop), 3 hours to assemble, 1 to take down. Strung a strong net across the 8 foot level for bouncing around on. Plans and calculators are online. I’ve only used it once, as a beta test, and I’m already itching for something more complex.  Luckily I just got the book Geodesic Math and How to Use It off Amazon. It’s a great theoretical and practical guide to the design of geodesic structures. Not just domes, but eggs and freeform contours. It was the most requested back-catalog book in Univ. of California’s publishing history. It has just been reprinted. You can get a copy here. Giant blinking 3D geodesic brain…  I can see it now…

Taking a break from dome assembly

...and how to use it

Other books in the shipment for a bit of light Thanksgiving reading 🙂

Rhythms of the Brain – Gyorgy Buzsaki

The Synaptic Organization of the Brain – Gordon Shepherd (the elder)

23 Problems in Systems Neuroscience – Hemmen & Sejnowski