We are back!

13 02 2008

Time to get this blog rolling again…

School and work related things kept me from posting for a while, but now I’m in the groove in a new position and can start doing more frequent updates.

Since the last post I’ve got a paper in press with Yongling Zhu and Roger Tsien on optical imaging of glutamate with genetically-encoded reporters. Brainwindows will review the field of glutamate imaging once the paper is available online (any day now…). I also finished my thesis on Design, Development and Use of Genetically-Encoded Fluorescent Reporters of Neuronal Activity and got my Ph.D. from UCSD’s Neurosciences program. Drove across the country and started a post-doc at Janelia Farm with Loren Looger and Karel Svoboda. I’m hopeful our work will make a significant positive impact on the usefulness of genetically-encoded optical indicators in vivo.