Here is a collection my writings that are of a more philosophical nature.


Freedom of Scientific Information

A brief piece on the flow of scientific knowledge and the merits of a open system of information sharing.

The Science of Free Will

Prepared remarks for the Unitarian Universalist congregation in my hometown led off by two readings from Hippocrates and David Foster Wallace.  The topic?  The Science of Free Will : What science does and does not tell us about our ability to choose. The full version of the David Foster Wallace reading is available here, and is well worth the 10 minute reading time.


One response

26 05 2011
Lee McKusick

Please see my comment on your recent Slashdot post regarding that Discovery Magazine consciousness comment.

Thanks for the caltech paper link.

I work as an aide in a special education classroom and what I observe seems to support a pretty good connection between physiology and what is called consciousness.

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