Notes : Structural Biochemistry

26 11 2008

I TA’ed a course in structural biochemistry at UCSD.  I spent a lot of time making cool handouts for the students (at least until the last 2 weeks when my own finals sapped all my time and energy).  Found these buried online.  Nothing too mind-blowing, but I figured I’d post them to preserve them.

Handout 1 – Aqueous Solutions, Amino Acids & Secondary Protein Structure

Handout 2 – Protein, DNA & RNA Structure

Handout 3 – RNA continued, Mono- & Polysaccharides

Handout 4 – Cell Membrane Components and Structure Determination

Handout 5 – Enzyme Kinetics & Serine Proteases including Chymotrypsin

Handout 7 – Ion Channels

Handout 8 – Bacterial Recation Center & Molecular Dynamics



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